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About Connecting Communities (CC-Net)


Connected and cooperating communities.


  • To connect services and organizations in our communities;
  • To communicate the strengths and resources available in our communities;
  • To provide opportunities for cooperation and collaboration; and,
  • To promote awareness of what a great place we live in.

What we have done so far...

  • Hosted face-to-face get togethers (about 3-4 per year) of our Members to discuss common interests and ways to improve our communities.
  • Built this website with links to our Members and other organizations in the area.
  • Implemented an online Community Calendar with hundreds of events in our local area.
  • Developed an online Community Bulletin Board with postings of interest to our Members and local residents.

CC-Net Flyer/Rack Card (click image to view/download .pdf)

CC-Net Flyer Image