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  • Please use the following form for submitting postings to the Community Bulletin Board.
  • If a document (e.g. PDF, image, DOC, etc.) is to be used in lieu of an URL for the 'More Info:' field, it must be submitted by separate email.
  • Be sure you include in the text or in 'More Info:' what action the reader should take (e.g. contact telephone number or email address).
  • To edit an existing posting, please provide the changes by email.
  • Postings will be removed after 60-days unless otherwise specified in the submission. Please email requests for extensions.
  • Please read the Terms of Service for more guidelines for CBB postings.
  • Tips for Filling out the Form:

    • Use the Tab key or mouse to move between fields in any sequence.
    • When finished, click the 'Submit' button, which will send the form to us and return you to a thank you page.
    • All form fields are optional, and do not require specific information.
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We would like the following item posted on the Community Bulletin Board.

Data Element Description Posting Information
Category: Choice of:
Looking for Volunteers,
Looking for Partners,
Looking for Donations,
Jobs in the Bay,
or TBD.
Organization: CC-Net Member Organization
Title: Short description of the title of the posting.
Description: Description of the Bulletin Board posting.
More Info: URL for more information. Or, send reference document (e.g. PDF) by separate email.
Date to be removed: Date that the posting should be removed if less than 2-months.
eMail Address email address (not published) for any questions about posting.
  • The CC-Net Member organization submitting the Bulletin Board posting is responsible for the content and accuracy of the posting.
  • In it's sole judgement, CC-Net reserves the right to edit or refuse a posting
  • CC-Net may remove the posting at any time.
  • Please contact CC-Net if there are any questions -