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Tips and Techniques for CC-Net Authorized Users

This webpage is intended to help the CC-Net Authorized Users with posting events on the Community Calendar. If you have further suggestions for this webpage, please let us know.

CalendarWiz Help:

  • The 'Help' button in the upper-right corner (under the CC-Net Logo) is a good place to start. It is sensitive to your status and displays appropiate help information for 'Visitors', 'Logged in Users', and 'Administrators'.

  • The YouTube Video 'Adding an Event with CalendarWiz' is somewhat useful; however, it demonstrates some features that are not available to most CC-Net Authorized Users such as how to manage the list of Locations. At this time, there is one other CalendarWiz YouTube video that explains how to work with Categories; however, that function is only available to the CC-Net Administrators and not to most Authorized Users.

  • CalendarWiz also has a very comprehensive Knowledge Base that may help. Please note that many solutions may require the involvement of a CC-Net Administrator such as adding a new Location or an image to a posting.

CC-Net Community Calendar Guidelines and Tips:

  1. The  CC-Net Terms of Service have a number of expectations for Member organizations and Authorized Users. Please email for a current version. Some key guidelines are summarized below:

    • The current limit for Members event postings is an12 per month. Please contact if you have a need for more events.

  2.  Please keep Event Titles short – there is a lot of room in the Description and Location fields for more information.

  3.  If your event is using a location that is not on the drop-down master list, go ahead and enter the specifics of the venue, then let us know by email to so that we can add it to the master location list. Then for future events, you can select the location from the list with all of the pertinent information entered automatically.

  4. CC-Net is currently utilizing 8-Categories - at least one must be assigned to every event posting:

    • 6-Primary Categories: Activities; Arts & Entertainment; Churches; Health & Wellness; Libraries & Educational; and, Service Organizations.

    • 2-Secondary Categories may be used to sub-divide events of interest to different groups: Families & Youth; and, Seniors.

    • Any posted event may have one or more categories assigned as a secondary or 'Mirror' category. If a Visitor filters the Community Calendar view using the 'Select Category' box, then events that have the Selected Category(ies) assigned as the main or 'Mirror' will be displayed. For example: an event that entertains children that is held in a church could have 'Arts & Entertainment' as the main category, and, 'Churches' and 'Families & Youth' as Mirror Categories. The event would then be displayed if a Visitor filtered the Community Calendar for any of the three categories.